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 Suitable for all small businesses whether or not registered for VAT. 

Banish your paperwork headaches - using this accounts book is as easy as ABC. So easy, in fact, that anyone can understand it. Everything is clearly laid out. One page for one week. Shows details of daily takings, other receipts, banking, spaces if required for sales subject to VAT, goods purchased for resale, trade expenses subject to VAT, trade expenses not subject to VAT, VAT record chart, current bank balance, total amounts paid out during the week in cash and cheques, and how much cash should be left in hand at the end of the week. Details of current tax and NI rates.  Analysis sheet and Profit and Loss Account. Loose-leaf marker sheet includes sufficient space for weekly takings graph, telephone numbers and notes. Full instructions included.  The book can be started at any time of the year.  At the end of the book is a handy pocket for storing important documents.
Daily takings are printed SUNDAY to SATURDAY, but they can also be printed to suit your needs, eg Monday to Sunday or Saturday to Friday etc. Just let us know when you pay for the book.

Keeping your books is as easy as ABC with the CLEARnEASY accounts book. 

No special knowledge is needed - just follow the instructions. 

Even the quarterly VAT return can be completed in just a few minutes! 

The CLEARNEASY has been produced since 1984.  

 Includes FREE handy 2 YEAR calendar 2018-19.

Financial Times  December 3rd 1985                                                     ‘AN EASY-TO-USE daily accounts book for small shopkeepers is available….. The book costs £xx and includes enough forms for a year’s accounting, with weekly and quarterly reports. It is designed to contain all the Value Added Tax information that a Customs and Excise official would expect to see.’

 Convenience Store     November 18th 1994                                                    ‘Booker Cash & Carry has done an exclusive deal to list copies of Peter Levene’s Clear’n’Easy Traders Yearly Accounts Book in all 159 depots. "It’s the most user-friendly accounts book I’ve ever seen for independents," said marketing manager Jez Burns. Burns reckoned that the book could save retailers thousands of pounds .......’ 

 Joes Mini Market – Scarborough   14th March 2009                                “I am enclosing my cheque for £14.31 in payment for 2 copies of your ClearandEasy Traders Yearly Accounts Book. I have been using them for 15 years and have always found them easy to use and excellent value. I look forward to hearing from you soon.”   M Dickinson



Suitable for all self-employed plumbers, tilers, roofers, fencers, carpenters, electricians, plasterers, decorators, builders, kitchen & bathroom fitters etc etc whether or not registered for VAT.
Same format as the TRADERS YEARLY ACCOUNTS book, but with slight alterations.




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