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Size 210mm x 146mm ring bound


Covers the period from Jan to Dec 2018 and includes the current tax and NI rates from the 2017 Budget and postal rates, with spaces for future changes during the year.

There are also pages on intestacy, conversion rates, international dialling codes and time differences, National and Religious holidays etc etc...


Contains 154 pages including 36 blank indexed pages for you to really get yourself organised.  No more bits of paper to get lost. Just write everything into the Organiser and Index it.  Simple as that!  Once you get started, you will use it more and more.  


You can use the Organiser in whatever way works best for you. Here are some suggestions:

Moving home?  Keep a few pages to list agents names, telephone numbers, commission rates etc. as well as comments about properties viewed and any offers you may receive and details and quotes from removal firms. Make a list of people to notify.

Do you know what is at the bottom of your freezer?  Why not have a sort out and list everything on one of the pages?


Do you have difficulty remembering peoples’ names?  Make a note of them whilst they are still fresh in your memory. 


Do you have health problems?  Keep a note of dates etc. 


Do you put things away ‘in a safe place’ and forget where they are?  Put them in the same place, but write them in the Organiser first.


Keep a page for things you need to look up on the internet etc.


And if you already have all of this information on your computer, make a note of where it is stored. Remember, the Organiser will always be there for you – it cannot be accidentally deleted or suffer a hard drive failure!


Your photos laminated and used as front and back covers and two extra photos included in the main body of the book. Your choice of title. Optional front page with any personal message.

"just what I needed ... thank you"     MC  Nottingham


"Prompt delivery of a very practical and flexible diary. Thanks"              MW  Harlow




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