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Are you a person of ‘more mature age’ who sometimes has difficulties in understanding the metric system?
Are you a younger person who was taught the metric system at school and sometimes has difficulties understanding what the older generation is talking about?
Do you ever cook joints of beef, lamb, pork, ham, chickens or turkey?
Do you ever have to work out how much material to buy, such as if you were tiling the walls or floor and you knew the dimensions in feet and inches, but the tiles you wanted were sold in boxes of one metre?
Do you often wonder how many units of alcohol you have consumed?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you will find that this handy conversion chart will be absolutely invaluable.
It is slightly smaller than an A4 sheet folded in half and is printed on laminated card, making it ideal to keep in a kitchen cabinet drawer or hung up by the cooker where it can easily be found.

The chart contains multiplication conversion figures for most things, including:
Ounces to grams and kilos; pounds to grams and kilos; inches to centimetres; feet to metres; metres to yards; miles to kilometres; sq cm to sq ins; sq ft to sq metres; sq yards to sq metres; acres into hectares; pints into litres; cu yds to cu metres; litres to UK gallons; litres to US gallons; kilos to cwts; mph to kilometres per hour; knots to mph.
●    Oven temperatures: comparison of Fahrenheit, Gas regulo no. and Celsius.
●    Grams to ounces and fluid ounces chart.
●    How to convert Fahrenheit to Celcius and back again.
●    Recommended temperatures for beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, burgers and sausages when using a meat thermometer.
●    Weight charts for cooking different weights of pork, turkey, ham, beef, chicken and lamb.
●    Height, weight and temperature comparison charts for feet and inches to centimetres, Kilos to stones and pounds, Celcius to Fahrenheit.
●    8 inch and 20 centimetre measuring tools.
●    USA Cup equivalent measurements guide
●    Body Mass Index (BMI) formula with ranges
●    Formula to work out units of alcohol in glasses, cans and bottles, with examples.

                  3 COPIES FOR THE PRICE OF 2!!

Many thanks - its fabulous-I can now make a proper cake !! AAAA++++.Great seller  Carole M. - Cambs

spot on very happy       Anthony R. - Merseyside

Great, Thank You       Angela O. -  Lancashire

Super - Magic - Smashing - Great - Thank You      Margaret S. -  Surrey

brilliant thank you the wife loves it         Raymond R. -  Cornwall

A brilliant aide memoire (especially to those of us at a certain age) to double check conversions & handy hints for cooking times..

Family & friends are delighted that I found this little gem!     Jane W. -  Devon

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